FIT Hughes

Keith & Diane

They share a passion for helping people achieve daily holistic wellness. With Wavoto, this husband-&-wife team have turned that passion into a living.

Taking the leap

Turn vision into reality

FIT Hughes started with the dream of an online business with a purpose: a brand that combined Keith and Diane's passions for sharing wellness, health, fitness and food.

Beyond limits

The early challenges of small business

When they were first starting out, the Hughes' struggled with the limitations of their previous website. They wanted greater functionality to achieve their vision of a fully realized business.

Doing more

Everything in one place

The Hughes needed a one-stop shop: automated emails, campaigns, newsletters, CRM, and the freedom to create a beautiful, user-friendly website. That's where Wavoto came in.

“Our business became real once we found Wavoto! We have already noticed an increase in sales [...] and our website has helped us enhance our professional brand image.”

— Diane Hughes

Wavoto helps the Hughes' achieve their vision

Wavoto helps dreamers become entrepreneurs by helping them launch and manage vibrant digital brands.