Wavoto for Enterprise

Your users, your label.

Sell Wavoto as a single sign-on, white-labeled platform under your own brand. Give your users all the tools they need to build their own success online, from premade websites to sales templates.

Custom platforms 
& white labeling.

We'll work with you directly on everything, helping you create your perfect top-to-bottom solution. Rely on our team for custom integrations, APIs, special projects, & enhanced support.

Help your users start strong with customized onboarding.

Work with our team to create a unique onboarding experience for your users. We'll help you create everything they need to hit the ground running, from website templates to sales funnels — from brand palettes to pre-written content.
  • Your own onboarding wizard with your branding
  • Templates of all kinds made just for your users
  • Pre-written content for user templates
  • Customizable brand presets for your users

Give your users exactly what they need to replicate success.

Create and distribute templates — from single pages to entire sales funnels — to your users so they can replicate the best practices and proven sales models. Give them the power to add their own content and branding, or lock those settings to maintain consistency.
  • Sharable asset templates
  • Sales funnels & email campaigns
  • "Managed Content" modules & pages
  • Automated 
    branding tools

Affiliate Marketing
Enterprise Case
  • Custom onboarding
    Wavoto builds an onboarding wizard for helping new affiliates launch quickly.
  • White-label workspace
    Wavoto applies custom styling to the affiliate platform in accordance with the client's brand.
  • Templates for product landing pages
    Wavoto assembles a library of varied landing page templates for affiliates to use in their sales funnels.
  • Customizable brand packages & visual themes
    Wavoto creates a library of style presets & image packs to help affiliates customize their landing pages.
  • Templates for webpage modules
    Wavoto builds a collection of specific content modules for affiliates to use within their website builder.
  • Prewritten email automations
    The client provides content for prewritten email campaigns, which Wavoto includes as templates within the platform.
  • Premade sales funnel templates
    Landing pages, email automations, and more are combined into prepackaged sales funnels for affilaites to customize.
  • Admin dashboard
    Wavoto builds a custom analytics panel for the client to track their affiliates' success.
Insurance Agencies
Enterprise Case
  • Website template for agents
    Wavoto creates a multipage website template with prewritten content for agents to use in their sales efforts.
  • Managed branding controls for agents
    Agency admins can control global styling rules which are automatically applied to each agent's site.
  • Premade email automations & newsletters
    Wavoto creates templates for agents to use in email marketing. Content provided by the agency.
  • Landing page templates
    Wavoto creates a library of agency-branded landing pages with prewritten content for agents to use in sales cycles.
  • Integrated CRM for each agent
    Each agent can access their own CRM with customizations for tracking policy details.
  • Microsite templates for agents' link-in-bio.
    Each agent receives a standardized link-in-bio page with certain evergreen buttons controlled by the agency.
Real Estate Agencies
Enterprise Case
  • Website template for individual realtors
    Each realtor receives their own website template with managed content & branding from the agency.
  • Global branding controls
    Agency admins can manage the colors, fonts, & buttons for all realtors' sites.
  • Premade Sales Funnels
    Wavoto creates a library of premade sales funnels for realtors to use as they cultivate new leads.
  • Shared agency CRM
    Agency admins can access a shared CRM populated by the contact lists of each realtor.
  • Individual CRM for each realtor
    Each realtor has their own individual CRM for managing their clients & prospects.
  • Custom analytics
    Wavoto builds a dedicated analytics panel for measuring agency performance & commission tracking.
  • Premade "link-in-bio" microsite templates.
    Each realtor receives their own one-page link-in-bio with evergreen buttons managed by agency admins.
Network Marketing
Enterprise Case
  • Custom onboarding & discounts
    Wavoto builds a unique onboarding wizard for new associates, including discounted platform rates.
  • Custom onboarding & discounts
    Wavoto builds a unique onboarding wizard for new associates, including discounted platform rates.
  • Custom branding templates & visual themes
    Wavoto creates an assortment of brand presets & image packs for marketers to choose from during onboarding.
  • Custom module templates
    Wavoto creates a library of premade drag-&-drop modules for specific products, offerings, or signup opportunities.
  • Premade marketing content
    The client works with Wavoto to create a library of best-practice marketing templates.
  • Managed asset sharing from corporate
    The client can control certain pages, modules, or courses to maintain messaging consistency.
  • Community asset sharing
    Marketers can share successful sales funnels, courses, & more with their downline.

Work with us to build a fully bespoke offering.

All of Wavoto’s features are at your disposal. Pick and choose which features to include in your custom platform to tailor the perfect experience for your users. And if you don't see what you need? Talk to us and we’ll build that new feature for you.
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Real Estate Agencies
Network Marketing

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