How to Sell When You Hate Salespeople

Can you remember back to the last time you went to a car dealership? 

What was that experience like for you? 

Chances are—it was an unenjoyable one. 

In fact, this survey states that “87% of American adults dislike something about the process of purchasing a vehicle at a traditional car dealership!”

So why do you feel like you need to take a shower when you get home from the car dealership? 

It all comes down to our human nature! 

Here’s what I mean...

We HATE being sold to! When a car salesperson comes up to us, we want to run in the opposite direction. 


Because we always question why we’re getting sold to… Is there something I’m missing? Is the salesperson trying to take advantage of me? Why won’t they leave me alone? 

So what’s my point with this whole rant? 

If you feel like this about car salespeople… 

The chances are good that you think ALL salespeople are like this, too. 

So when you go to sell someone on your product or service, this is in your subconscious mind. And it will make it next to impossible for you to sell anything! 
But if there’s one thing to learn from car salespeople, it’s this… 

You’ve learned how NOT to sell! 

But we understand that's not really helpful for you to learn the RIGHT WAY to sell your product or service…

Which is why we’re going to walk you step-by-step through how to sell without actually selling.  

Let’s dive in… 

Step #1: Be Honest With Yourself About Your Product or Service

Honesty is the best policy! People have great B.S. detectors and they will sense when something is ‘off’ or they’re being lied to!

So ask yourself… 

Is what you're selling really going to help people? Or are you just in it to make a buck?  

If your product or service is going to help someone, great! 

If it’s not, then you may struggle. 

This is why car salespeople seem so sleazy; they need your sale and they will do anything to get it even if they try to sell you a BMW but truly believe a Honda is the best car for your lifestyle.  

Focus on the problem your product is solving when you speak to people, not just the features or overall benefits.

Step #2: Get the Word Out On Your Product or Service

If you know your product or service can help others, then it should be easier for you to share it with the world! 

Use your enthusiasm for your product or service to sell it. 

When you’re passionate about your product, it’s easy to talk about your product in a way that shows passion. 

And your customers will hear that passion coming from you and be more likely to buy!

For example, let’s say you LOVE candles… 

You can’t put your finger on it… but there’s something about candles that truly lights you up inside. 

It’s everything from the unique scent that calls out specific memories in your mind…

To the warm glow that creates such a peaceful, relaxing vibe. 

And now that you’re selling candles, this passion you have is what’s going to make it easier for you to sell! 


Because you don’t have to fake your love for candles... 

People can sense your love and passion for candles pouring out of you. 

Step #3: Focus On The Relationship First! 

Before you attempt to make a sale, you should build a stronger relationship with the customer first. 


Because it’s simple and Bob Burg said it best… 

“People do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.”   

An example to think about in your own life is your favorite restaurant… 

What’s your favorite restaurant and why do you love it? 

Is it the service? The food? Or the unique drink menu? (Maybe it’s all 3?!) 

Whatever the reason is, I bet you're constantly promoting it to your friends and family… 

Am I right?

This is a BIG deal because you love your friends and family…

And you wouldn’t want them to have a crappy meal at just any restaurant. 

So you referred them to your favorite one because you know the servers, you like the food, and you trust that the people you love most will get a satisfying meal! 


Now you know you hate BAD salespeople, it’s your turn to be a good salesperson with solving problems, sharing with passion, and focusing on your relationships.
So what’s next? 

You have the whole ‘sales’ thing down… it's time to start growing your business!
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