When Should You Buy A Domain?

When you've first got that spark for a business idea and you can visualize yourself a year later - a huge email list, an Instagram account with hundreds of likes per post, and a lively website where you're managing sales or new clients. But where in that process do you decide on a domain, a URL, for your website where people can find you?

There are many steps to realizing your dream and growing your business online, but it's tough to know when to do certain things. Buying your business domain is one of them.

So when should you buy your domain? Check it out:

Why You Need A Domain

In this day and age, if you aren't online, you aren't perceived as a legitimate business.

On top of that, you want to have consistency from your business name, to your Facebook Page, to your domain name. Have you ever tried going to a website by typing in and you didn't get to it? Don't let your potential audience get lost across the interweb trying to find your website. Keep it stupid simple and consistent by using your business name!

How To Choose A Domain Name

Once people feel like they're ready to buy a domain name, the most common question I get is "what should my domain name be?" Simple - you want it to be your business name! 

This is where it can get complicated - what do you do if you're an entrepreneur and you kind of have a business name but are really doing business under your own name as well? if you aren't sure which name people will be searching for or which one you should brand your entire business with, purchase both domains.

Typically domains cost around $7-$15 a year, meaning that your business investment isn't going to cost more than lunch. While you figure out which one is best for your business, you don't have to be losing precious website traffic in the process because you can have a few different domains directing traffic to the same website.

One thing to watch out for is if someone already owns your domain of choice, but doesn't have a website up. People frequently mass purchase domain names for cheap and resell them at a huge mark-up. Unless you're truly committed to a business name and know that it is vital to your success, I recommend avoiding domain resellers.

Where We Recommend You Purchase A Domain

So you're ready to purchase your first domain - where do you go? We recommend two main places to purchase your domain (no affiliate links here by the way):
There are many places to purchase domains, but at Wavoto, we've had positive experiences working with both of these domain providers. They make it clear and simple to purchase, deliver fair pricing and are easy to set-up when it comes time to take your site live.

Go snag your domain while it's still available and start realizing your business, today! When you're ready to build your website, make sure to get started for free on Wavoto where you can manage all of your online marketing from one place - try it out now!

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