What is Evergreen Content

You’ve been studying and researching all these important topics to give your business the edge over your competitors; keywords, SEO, sales funnels, and landing pages. And now, ‘evergreen content’ shows up on your radar. What exactly is it?

What comes to mind when you think of an evergreen tree? They are green like the revenue you want, yes, but that’s not it. By now your brain is connecting the dots...ah...evergreens are consistent and hearty all year, they are always green!

Evergreen content is always relevant, perpetually valuable, and usable.
Evergreen content will always be relevant, valuable, and usable.
Every content marketing campaign should be comprised of evergreen content. This incredible sustainable and reusable content helps lead to the success of your organization

The information shared in evergreen content will continue to hold its value over time. (This is the good part.) When you carefully write Evergreen Content based on SEO and keywords, your keywords stay relevant and your ranking improves, which will continually drive attention to your funnel (long-term win). And you can keep sharing evergreen content months or even years later!

Basically, if you write something really good right now that will still be useful in the future, you can profit from it for years to come. It’s like hitting a grand-slam in the World Series, making money from being on the Wheaties box and getting paid ten years later to make a public appearance at a fundraiser. And the crowd goes wild!

Massive crowds turn out for evergreen content, like a baseball game!
To illustrate the power of Evergreen Content let’s look at Wikipedia. Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia seems to always be right at the top when you search on Google? (They are on the first page results for 1000 random searches, seen in the image below) It’s because the articles are in-depth, specific, and a go-to source for millions of users. The information on Wikipedia remains relevant and useful and (because of that) web traffic is consistently delivered to its doorstep. ​

Let’s take a look at some key pieces of evergreen content.

Evergreen Content ISN’T:

The following list contains items that will not keep their relevance over time. They will quickly become outdated and not hold value for you in the long run.

  • News articles
  • Statistics
  • Trends
  • Seasonal messages

That said; These types are important to mix into a well balanced content marketing strategy. If you rely solely on evergreen content you can miss the opportunity to be timely or show your personality.

You want your content to have a good mix. Some things should be personally relatable, some timely, and some should be everlasting evergreen content. This type of blend will give you the best opportunity to reach and engage your audience now and in the future.

Evergreen Content IS:

Below are examples of great and reliable types of content that can be evergreen. Many of these items are reusable and your prospects will search for them more than once.

  • Tip sheets
  • How to PDFs
  • Product reviews
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Videos (illustrative)
  • Industry insights

Success Tips For Evergreen Content: 

  • Do your homework, keyword research and applying the right SEO are critical
  • Keep your audience in mind, you write for them not for you
  • Be specific, fill a need, use the right long-tailed keywords
  • Prepare something that can be turned into multiple parts (steps, series) then cross link them to drive results
  • Use the alt-text for keywords in any photos
Evergreen content will be successful if you think of the long-term needs of your audience.
Evergreen Content is a critical part of your well balanced content marketing strategy. When done correctly it will provide you with long term revenue potential, just like getting paid dividends on your initial investment on the stock market. Cultivate your evergreens with care and they will grow with you, and your business, far into the future.

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