4 Simple Steps To Your Perfect Lead Magnet

You've got your business online, whether it's with a Facebook Page, a website, or a small funnel - but are you building your list and growing your customers? You may have the perfect product for your specific niche. You probably are putting hours into making sure you're reaching your audience...but nothing keeps happening, right?

It all comes down to your lead magnet. The thing that is attracting people to your business in the first place and helping you connect with them to build a relationship where they want to buy your product or service.

While there are rumors from gurus that lead magnets are dead, don't believe them, lead magnets help you connect with people in a similar way to making friends. You invite them to one fun thing and you get the ability to keep connecting until you're best friends!

While back when I first started in digital marketing any lead magnet would do, from a simple checklist to an in-depth ebook, now people are a little more hesitant to throw around their email for any ole download and instead only want things that really look like they will benefit them.

So what do you do? Follow our simple 4 steps:

What Your Lead Magnet Needs To Be

Lead generation isn't as easy as it used to be, so instead of wasting your time creating a new lead magnet every month until you have so many funnels you don't know why people aren't connecting with you - focus on making a lead magnet that has these three things:

  1. It's evergreen, so it stays relevant to your audience
  2. Has an immediate impact
  3. Allows you to stay in continuous contact with leads
I’m going to walk through these steps for Wavoto because we need a new lead magnet, one that is evergreen, is consistently engaging and offers immediate value. Currently, our lead magnets only check off two out of three of those things. They work, but they can be better!

Step 1: Know Your Audience

No two businesses are exactly alike. Seriously, even Coke and Pepsi. they taste different and although their audience might overlap, you have diehard fans for both and both brands serve them!

Your audience isn’t the same as anyone else’s - so the first step is writing out what your audience wants. If you’ve ever filled out a comprehensive avatar worksheet, you’ll have already figured out what your audience needs/wants from you. That is super important and you'll want to grab that info now! Alternatively, access our free Discover Your Avatar download.

If you don't want to detour your focus to deep dive into your audience, ask yourself these four questions instead. Grab a notepad and pen or open a Google Doc and answer these questions for yourself!

What has happened to your audience in the past that led them to you?

Our audience at Wavoto is trying to grow their business using a Facebook Page or Instagram profile, combined with their Gmail or Yahoo email and phone to connect to people and grow their business. Things are jumbled and disorganized, they need one place to bring it all together.

What about your product matters most to those you connect with?

For Wavoto's audience, they love that Wavoto is their digital office. It’s where they can have their website, manage their funnels, host their lead magnets, and connect with new leads and customers through email marketing.

What overall problem does your product solve for them?

Organization! Connecting all the dots, building your list, managing your digital assets all in one place, that's what the Wavoto audience needs!

What individual problem does it solve for them?

But specifically? They need help connecting to leads and making sure no one falls through the cracks.

Step 2: Sum it Up

From these questions, summarize what your audience needs from you. What problem are you solving, why they would choose you, why they would rejoice in their choice and rave about you to their friends.

Our audience at Wavoto is worried about the organization, maybe it’s not their strong suit or they’re looking to move things online and online is overwhelming. On top of that, they are new to digital marketing so jargon like funnels, campaigns, and even blogging, is new to them. But most of all they need a way for people not to fall through the cracks.

Summarize what you can offer your audience, what matters to them, focusing that individual problem the most.

Step 3: List Out Your Audience's Needs

I'm not going to sugar coat it, this part will probably take the most time, but it's also the most critical. List out what your audience needs from you (that will lead to them wanting to connect further and become a customer).

This can be a variety of things - have a webstore and periodically offer discounts or free shipping, your lead magnet is your newsletter! Or maybe you're an online business coach, your lead magnet may be a video series on business mindset.

What can you offer them that is evergreen, provides instant gratification, and can keep communication going? List 3-5 different ideas! Thinking of more than one lets the gears in your head get going before you decide which one is the perfect fit.

For Wavoto we could provide:

  • Monthly funnel drops with a landing page design and email templates all-around a specific lead magnet
  • Monthly Website page templates
  • Monthly social post ideas
We could have a library to store all of these monthly drops, that allows us for repeat contact, repeat sales opportunities, and repeat lead "delights"!

Step 4: Choose The Best Option + Frequency

This is the easy part - which of your 3-5 options works best for you and for your audience? Which one gets you excited just thinking about creating or offering? This is the perfect lead magnet for your business!

For Wavoto, this is a monthly funnel drop, where once a month we can share with our current list and introduce to new people through social posts and ads to our free funnel templates. This provides massive value for our audience that they can immediately apply on our platform. Not only can our funnels be used at any time of the year, the whole library (that is introducing a new funnel each month), it accessible immediately. 

Quick Note: I could easily say we’ll update our lead magnet once a week, I would love that, but it's not feasible with my busy schedule. Don't over-promise your lead magnet because you're excited!

I can't wait to hear what your perfect lead magnet is! Let me know in the comments below what you came up with. And be sure to get your own access to our Funnel Library by clicking here.

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