How New Tech is Changing Old Industries

Technology is transforming new and old industries at an alarming pace. These innovations create opportunities for businesses and individuals to develop enterprises that were unheard of even five years ago. As more people are getting tech skills, these innovations are happening quicker than ever before. Since most people in the world have smartphones at their disposal, these advancements are even available to a majority of the world’s population.

Most apps and technologies aren’t changing how these businesses operate, but providing a service that permits these activities to happen quicker, easier, or without getting off the couch. Charging a fee or percentage of the transaction to make their money. 


We all get our medicine from the same person—a pharmacist. New services are allowing patrons to skip the trip to the pharmacy. For those with complex medicine routines, there are even services that will send your pills separated by time, dosage, and day. This idea isn’t revolutionary. People will always need medicine and have been successfully managing their medication without this service. Still, the service fulfills a desirable need for those reliant on medicine to manage their ailments. 

Companies offering these services need employees of varying skillsets, pharmacists for consultation and medicine, customer service representatives to handle phone calls, and Web Developers to keep subscribers able to access the app.


It’s not news that brick-and-mortar stores struggle, especially smaller boutique or niche stores, as more shopping happens virtually. To combat this, stores are increasing their online presence. It won’t be long before every business opens without considering renting a space to open a shop. Etsy has been providing this service to artisans and creators from around the world and Wavoto allows you to easily do this from your own website.

Virtual shopping allows customers to buy without visiting your store, but they also don’t have to be in the same city or country to purchase your products. This revolution is a godsend to artists, crafters, and tradespeople from local communities and emerging markets - especially during a pandemic.


Instead of the evening edition of the news, we update Twitter or Facebook to get caught up on the news. News apps use algorithms based on your Internet usage to send you news similar to the stories you typically consume. This could be on various topics you follow or certain outlets or sites you frequent. The people behind the algorithms and altering them so you can receive relevant news are data scientists. They are frequently looking at user data to find, and exploit, trends in usage. You can become a data scientist in as little as six months by attending one of the top data science bootcamps

Dining out

One industry that is difficult to change dramatically is the food industry. Until robotic chefs become more reliable, our cooking will still be done by humans. We still eat the same way, but how we find, reserve, and go to restaurants is changing through hundreds of food-centered apps on the marketplace. 

When was the last time you read a food review in your local newspaper? Even if you did, you probably checked Yelp or Google as well. 

During this pandemic, restaurants are finding every customer they can from food delivery services. The reliance on these services is skyrocketing due to people’s desire to stay home (and the fear of their partner’s cooking 😂 ). While the idea is simple, there are a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes. Each of these services needs at least three apps—for customers, drivers, and the restaurants themselves. With updates, multiple platforms, and bug fixes, the tech workers have to be as skilled as master chefs. If you lack cooking skills and want to contribute to the food industry, consider a boot camp, such as Springboard, to get the coding experience to work for a website in the restaurant business. Or try out Wavoto with allows you to manage these settings directly from your website's Back Office!

The Future Is In Motion

Technology is wrapping its tentacles around every industry and job market. Tech jobs will be available in every industry—from manufacturing to publishing. Even industries that are reliant on humans working are in danger of eradication. If you have an idea or service in mind, it could be a lucrative idea to get started with now, even if there are already companies performing similar functions. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can contribute to the change by attending joining a weekend boot camp or online course!

Expanding your business to new platforms is a great way to stay on top of tech trends. Learn about the Do's and Don'ts about getting started on YouTube here

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