How to Make The Most Of Your ONE Link In Your Instagram Bio

You only have one link on your Instagram account, so you have to make it count. 

While you may be thinking it’s easy enough to just switch out your link in your Instagram bio, consider this… 

What happens when someone new finds your Instagram page? What’s the very first thing they do? 

They go to your Instagram page and scroll through your posts, of course!  

This means if they find that post you created a month ago that tells them to “Check out the link in my bio” for your new blog post and your link now directs people to your YouTube channel… 

Can you see how you’d have a problem?  

Even though you might not be sure how to manage it, now may be the perfect time to get more strategic about your Instagram link! 

And to help, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to make the most of your “link in bio”...

Link to your other social media accounts…

If you have a ton of followers on your Instagram and your goal is to grow your other social media presences online, well done—you’re diversifying your traffic!  

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how much we recommend diversifying your traffic. And since the BIG social media shutdown of 2021 (which won’t be the last one we ever see), we recommend it even more! 

Link to your portfolio or website…

If you’re a freelancer, course creator, influencer, or business owner, you can use your Instagram bio link to direct people to your online portfolio or website. 

This is great exposure for your offers and/or services! In fact, for some people, this is their #1 way to get new leads, sales, and clients! 

Link to your podcast or blog…

If you’re a blogger or podcaster, a great way to get more traffic is to use your Instagram bio link to direct people to your blog or podcast. If you’re regularly putting out content, this can be a difficult link to have to change weekly or even daily.

One way to do this is by also using a key Instagram feature that allows you to put links right into your Instagram story videos. Basically, this feature makes it easier to send Instagram traffic to your blog or podcast. 

Link to your online store…

Maybe you run an online store… If you do, it’d make the most sense to link to your store in your Instagram bio. 

Utilize your Instagram traffic to get more leads (and hopefully more sales) on your store! 

Use your link to promote action

Ever heard the phrase, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no”?  

Well, the best way to get people to take action is to ask them to take action. So whatever that looks like for you (maybe you ask them to join your Facebook group or to donate to your favorite charity), you will get more action if you just ask! 

Or do it all! 

Chances are, if you’re running a business, you may need your link in your Instagram bio to link to a directory, portfolio, website, online store, podcast, blog, and to promote action! 

And with Wavoto’s Quick Links you don’t have to choose which link to use… you can do it all with just ONE! 

Take our 18-Minute Challenge and discover how you can use just ONE link in your bio to reach all your goals!  

Speaking of ONE place... check out our free Content Calendar Template to get organized and manage your content in one space. 

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