Is Giving Away Free Stuff A Good Idea or Bad One For Your Marketing

Welcome to one of the biggest debates in the digital marketing world: 

Offering free courses and services… is it a good idea or a bad one? 

Before we dive in and give you our opinion… 

What do you think? 

Is giving away free stuff the right move for your marketing? Drop your opinion in the comments!

Now, let the debate begin… 

With Dan Kennedy’s Famous Quote on Acquiring Customers…

“The business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” - Dan Kennedy

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you must pay more money for advertising.

This means you’re able to develop stronger relationships with your customers by showing them you care. One way to do this is by giving away free services, content, courses, and even consultations. 

Tony Robbins has a similar perspective…    

Tony Robbins talks about giving your customers more than they paid in value. He says this, “You feel so filled up when what you do adds so much value to people's lives that it lights them up. You can't compare that with money. But if you run your business right, and you add that much value, you will do well financially."

So just because you may be giving something away at the beginning of your relationship, doesn’t mean that you won’t get that value in return later on! 

Jenna Kutcher also says, “I love a good freebie. Truly. Look: email marketing has long been one of my favorite things… ever. The number one reason I love email lists? Connection, connection, connection.” 

“And it’s ONE-ON-ONE with your people, in their private lil’ inboxes (not the massive void of social media feeds). And one of my go-to strategies for growing my list has been building irresistible freebies that encourage people to opt-in, and it’s one of those strategies that I’d recommend to anyone as long as you’re doing it the right way.” 

Can you see why freebies are valuable now? 

If you don’t see the value in freebies, then you probably agree more with this Forbes article, “Why You Shouldn’t Give Away Your Product For Free.” 

The article says, “As human beings, we tend to attribute value to things based on how much we pay for them. It’s the reason why many people value a Mercedes more than a Kia. It costs more and, therefore, it’s a better product. When something is free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, but it does mean that we will see less value in it.” 

The article goes on to say… 

“In our industry, it’s a common practice to give away a free trial of your product. It’s a customer acquisition tactic when you give someone a sneak peek of your product, just enough to get them hooked to pay. But when you give away a product completely for free, you have nothing left to offer or upsell later on.”

Do you agree with this logic? Or do you agree with Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, and Jenna Kutcher? 

Even though we all might not agree on giving away free stuff… 

It’s clear that in order to be successful we have to help our customers first and worry about money second. 

So let me ask you… 

Are you going to be giving your customers or clients free stuff? Or do you already give them free stuff now? 

Let us know in the comments! 

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