Reuse Content To Get The Most Value Out Of It!

Stop wasting your time trying to think of how to recreate the wheel for every single piece of content you share, instead, reuse content in new ways and extend the value and reach time and time again!

Online content, blog articles, YouTube videos, Instagram posts - anything you post online for your business, helps you connect to potential, new, and current customers. Content helps you show up in search results, build trust across the internet, establish your expertise, and consistently show up in front of your customers. But creating all of that content can be exhausting!

A few years ago, content marketing (creating content to connect to consumers) was all about the quantity of content you were putting out in the world. Statistics said, the more blog posts you created, the more customers you would have...but then the internet became flooded with content. Which brings us to today, it's not about quantity, but the quality of content.

People are looking for an answer you provide, they're more likely to connect with you when you give them a thoughtful and thorough answer (i.e. a piece of content). 

But again, we run into the problem of time! Just like creating a lot of content took hours, creating quality content takes hours.

The answer to this content demand is not by constantly churning out new content, but by repurposing content you've already created in a new way. This isn’t recreating the wheel (the original option is still doing pretty well), it’s taking a car tire and turning it into a bike tire or a tire swing.

No longer post a piece of content and feel like it’s done after you hit publish, think about how you can use this piece of content again in a slightly different way, increasing your chance of converting viewers into customers.

Benefits of Reusing Content

Repurposing and reusing content has many benefits from easing up your creation schedule to allowing a more fluid online brand experience for consumers. Just a few of these benefits are:
  • Turning an oldie into a goodie. There’s usually a few pieces of older content out there that didn't connect with people as well as you thought it would. Take that content and recreate it with a new voice or purpose, extending its life and hopefully bring you long term benefits.
  • Find a new audience. While your current audience responds well to your blog articles, imagine who else you could attract through visual content such as infographics or videos. Open your business up to new consumers by turning text into visuals or breaking things down into a simple checklist for people to easily skim.
  • Boost your SEO. By taking your most popular piece of content and transforming it with optimized keywords and new additional content, you have the opportunity to boost your search ranking, increasing your organic reach online.
Don't let your hard work go to waste! Any time spent on your business is precious. Putting together content takes a lot of time and effort, don't think of it as "one and done" but more "reduce, reuse, recycle."

Evergreen Content Keeps It Fresh

When it comes to reusing content you can only do it with content that's considered "evergreen." Just like the trees, evergreen content will always stay green, remaining relevant to your audience throughout the years.

This also means you can keep sharing it and reusing it in new ways.

So what does this actually look like? An example of not evergreen content is our platform updates, they are only relevant when they are posted. But this article is actually something I've written about before and could reuse over 3 years later. 

By producing evergreen content years ago, I could write this article in a fraction of the time I typically take. 

How To Reuse Content

It's really easy to say you'll create evergreen content and reuse it, but how do you actually do it? Currently, you think in the content box. You create a blog article, it's done. You create a video, it's done, You create a social post, it's done. But you could create a single piece of content to fulfill all of these needs.

I've got 9 different examples of our to reuse your content across all your marketing efforts:

1. Turn blog articles into newsletters

Get double the traction out of your blog articles by creating a newsletter out of the content you've already written! Connect to a different segment of your audience, that may not read your blog by slightly reframing your article into a newsletter.

If it's an in-depth article, you can create a few different newsletters from it and drive people to read more on your blog, creating the opportunity for more engagement and a stronger connection.

2. Turn YouTube videos into blog articles

Some people love watching videos, others love reading - kill two birds with one stone by creating a YouTube video, embedding it into a blog article that expands on the topic and linking that blog article in your video description.

Not only do you get the added SEO benefit (Google loves when you embed videos from YouTube), you make more connections to your audience and really only cover one topic in two different forms.

3. Turn Instagram Stories into a downloadable

Instagram stories are an incredibly easy way to connect with new people online, but thinking of new content every day (every other or every week) can be a challenge. When you're thinking up that much content, you easily have enough to create a new lead magnet and funnel! 

Great thing is, once you do, you have another thing to share and promote in your Instagram Stories!

4. Turn blog articles into Pins

I can't tell you how many times I go to Pinterest to find the information I'm looking for. How do I get this stain out of my clothes? What should I do in San Antonio? All the things I've searched on Pinterest alone in the past few months. Make sure every single one of your blog articles is easily accessible from Pinterest by creating and sharing a pin for each blog article and keep your Pinterest profile active in the process.

5. Turn a Reddit thread into a blog article

Pinterest not your thing? How about Reddit? Ask questions or share your answers by taking a Reddit thread and turning it into a blog article.

6. Turn a Facebook Live into a YouTube video

This is probably the easiest. After you've hosted a Facebook Live, download the video and upload it to YouTube to catch viewers on a different platform!

7. Turn an autoresponder into a blog article

This has been a favorite of mine recently. Autoresponder emails take me forever to write and are highly targetted for my audience, I've been loving taking the valuable information I provide in them and reusing it as in-depth blog articles. The hours of work I put into my autoresponder gets recycled into a multitude of ways to connect with my audience!

8. Turn blog articles into a downloadable

Just like with Instagram Stories, you share a ton of information in your blog articles - information you could combine to create a new lead magnet such as an ebook completely covering a topic.

9. Turn a newsletter into an Instagram Story

Flip an email on its head and turn a newsletter into an Instagram Story, taking value from your email and sharing it with new people on social media.

You might notice a lot of these tips go back and forth from different marketing channels. Blog articles to email, video to blog articles, social media to funnels. But how could you do this for one singular peice of content?

You hold a Facebook Live, when it's complete, you download it and upload it to YouTube. You take that YouTube video, embed and expand on it in a blog article. Next, you add a Pin to that blog article and share it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You also write a newsletter about one aspect of that blog article and drive traffic from email to the original blog article.

Lastly, a few months later, you combine this blog article with a few others you've written, creating an eBook. When someone downloads that eBook, they receive an autoresponder filled with pieces of content included in your blog articles and previous social media posts.

With one piece of original content, you created 8 ways to reuse it!

Don't leave your money on the table. Get the most value out of your hard work by reusing content in new ways in your marketing. 

Get started reusing content on Wavoto! Find your blog articles, autoresponders, newsletters, and webpage content all in one place as you reach new audiences by repurposing content. 

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