The Best Image Size For Social Media Posts

Do you find yourself creating new social post images for each network? You don't need to! You can create one image from blog article to Instagram and have it effectively reach each audience who sees it. The trick is to use one size image that has large enough dimensions that no matter what social network it is on, it will display appropriately.

Ideal Social Post Image Size

Let's get down to business, the ideal image size is 1024x512px. 

One thing to note, Pinterest does not follow the rules of the web and instead of liking horizontal or square images, prefers vertical images. Unfortunately, this means if you post to Pinterest often, you will want two images, instead of just one. One in the above dimensions and one that is around 600x900px.

How To Use It

You know the ideal size, but how can you best use it? Obviously using a rectangular image is not ideal on Instagram, even if you can have rectangular images on Instagram. So what you want to do instead is place the necessary content within certain dimensions of your image.

In the image below, the brown box contains what will appear on Instagram, while the rest of the image will appear, in whole, on Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds. 

This image isn't just good for social media though, it makes the perfect image size for the featured image on your blog! A featured image is the image that web visitors see when they look through your blog, so this won't appear within the blog article itself.

Now go off and start making your blog and social posts even easier to create!

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