How To Take Your Brand Online [+ Free Template]

You can't start a new business without someone asking about your brand. Do you have a brand? What's your logo? What are you trying to tell people? How are you telling it? Are you online? What's your Facebook Page?

Uh, all of that is branding?! Branding is everywhere, from personal brands to brands we associate with big businesses like McDonald's but what exactly is a brand and why is it the talk of the 21st century?

Discover what's involved in a brand, the basics you need to take your brand online, and how easy it is to add your brand to your website and completely change the look and feel with the click of a button!

Brand by Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

Your brand helps to define who you are. This is everything from the pictures you share, the colors you embrace, the fonts you use, and the words you say.

Often, when we think of branding, it’s just the visuals - and there’s a good reason for that - visuals are easier to identify. But your brand defines the general feeling your business wants to portray. It may seem silly to spend so much time deciding on the right colors or logo shape, but how those things make people feel can dictate the difference between a positive impression or a negative impression.

It truly is a complex creative science (yup, I said that) and why branding experts exist, to help you get it at right as possible from the start. Take a look at some of the psychological reasons behind these brand colors - have you ever thought of these emotions with these businesses before?

Diagram of colors, their associated emotions, and brands that incorporate those colors. Yellow represents optimism, clarity, and warmth like McDonalds. Orange is friendly, cheerful, and confident like Amazon. Red is excitement, youthful, and bold, like Coca-Cola. Purple is creative, imaginative, and wise (I'd also add in regal) like Hallmark. Blue is trust, dependable, and strength like Dell. Green is peaceful, growth, and health, like Whole Foods. Grey or neutral is balance and calm like Apple. Then there are logos with multiple colors like Google or NBC, they create a sense of openness, diversity, and optimism.

There is a LOT to branding, but we're just in the basics, not Branding 401, so we're going to focus on the visuals. The visual aspects of a brand are the first thing people see and react to, not their on-going relationship. 

Your Business' First Impression

The first impression your business gives, especially online, is all about your brand. 
At a high level it’s your business':
  • Colors (HEX values online, CMYK in print)
  • Fonts 
  • Logo (and icon if you use one)
  • Imagery
This comprises the basic visuals you share and having these things nailed down makes it easier to stay consistent when you share things on-behalf of your business.

A brand board for an online entrepreneur, incorporating the basic visual aspects of their brand. This includes the images or graphics, colors palette, fonts, and logo.

How I’m presenting this, all together in one easy to access block is called a brand board. It allows you to easily reference your color codes, fonts, or refresh your vision on imagery that works for your brand. You can use this same template but insert your brand elements by clicking here (100% FREE template to make it easier for you to manage your branding visuals).

Once you’ve got your brand elements organized on your brand board, now you want to take them online and apply them to your

Website Template To Your Branded Website

Adding your basic branding elements to a Wavoto website is incredibly easy. No matter what template you get started with, when you use my brand you can change the entire look and feel of your website with the simple additions of custom colors, fonts, and a logo. 

In every Wavoto account, there’s the My Brand section of the Back Office under Site Builder. It works like this.

An example of applying My Brand using your Wavoto website.

Honestly, branding wouldn’t be as difficult if it was as easy to apply across your entire business as it is on your Wavoto website!

Share what you love about your branding in the comments below (personally, I love our Wavoto brand voice - but we didn't cover that in this article!) and get started with your own Wavoto website with whatever branding you want today!

Determining your ideal customer is a large part of creating a brand. We’ve made this process easy, with our free Discover your Avatar worksheet - click here to download today!

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