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What Is A Facebook Pixel

You've heard "facebook pixel" mentioned by gurus, experts, and your favorite marketing influencer...but don't know what it means and why you should care about it. Let's end that confusion. Facebook pixel is not  a sequel to a funny Adam Sandler movie. a new phone made to compete with Google. Facebook pixel is  a no-brainer Would you like to get an inside loo...

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Top Tips For Starting A Successful Youtube Channel

You’ve been working hard to spread awareness of your brand and build relationships with your customers. Now it’s time for the next step, a Youtube channel of your own. I know, you thought a great looking website, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram account, and Twitter were enough, here comes the undeniable stats about the importance of Youtube videos.  If you'r...

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What is an Autoresponder?

We’ve all seen this before, “ I will be out of the office until February 15th. In case of an emergency please contact… ” or “ This message is undeliverable… ” This is an autoresponder at its most basic level. An autoresponder, also known as automated email, can be a highly effective marketing strategy. The idea behind an autoresponder is to automatically sen...

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8 Reasons Why Your MLM Needs a Website

Your MLM  business most likely has a home site (your parent company’s platform for selling and recruiting) and it gets the job done, but it isn't the easiest to use or for you to allow people to navigate on their own and see a sale come from it. There is 100% profits being left on the proverbial table when you only use your home site for selling and recruiti...

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What is Evergreen Content

You’ve been studying and researching all these important topics to give your business the edge over your competitors; keywords, SEO, sales funnels, and landing pages. And now, ‘evergreen content’ shows up on your radar. What exactly is it? What comes to mind when you think of an evergreen tree? They are green like the revenue you want, yes, but that’s not it...

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10 ½ Facebook Tips to Grow Your Business

Recent changes in Facebook’s algorithms have made it a little more difficult for small businesses to spread and share their content. The changes were designed to prioritize content from friends and family and make it more relevant than that of businesses to reduce advertising spam. Does it affect you? Yes. Does it take away from the fact that Facebook is a v...

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Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2019

Well defined goals for your entrepreneurial business (particularly your website) aren’t just a good business practice, they define opportunities for your success and set you on the path to it in 2019! Does your goal list look a little like this picture? Then your first goal for 2019 should be to keep reading ;) [POST IT PICTURE] Before you can set your entre...

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Sales Funnel - What's That?

Sales funnels are not a new concept, however, they have become an essential part of entrepreneurial success in today’s online marketplace. Do you own a business with an online presence? When someone asks you what your sales funnel look like do you know how to answer? If not, keep reading! What is a sales funnel?  Simply put, it’s what turns strangers into pa...

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