When Should You Hire A Va?

Being able to hire a VA can seem like a dream, but when do you know you're ready? We're sharing the top scenarios that will show you a virtual assistant will help your business more than hinder it.

What is a VA?

A VA is a virtual assistant that can either help with general tasks or is specifically trained to help with skilled business needs.

They are called virtual assistants because they do their work remotely, helping your business through online services and communication such as email, Voxer, Marco Polo, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and phone calls.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) may be right for you if…

You Are Looking To Save Time And Money

Hiring an expert will allow you to focus on your business, leverage your talents, and save time and money in the long run! You stay an expert in your field, while you have someone else manage tasks that you don’t need to master.

This could be as simple as spending your time on the phone connecting to new leads instead of emailing back and forth organizing a time to talk or scheduling and sending out your annual newsletter. You are behind all the work being done, but someone else is handling the technical or procedural processes.

You Feel Like Your Time Is Wasted On Administrative Tasks

Want to spend less time on newsletters, blogs, events, and web development? We have efficient professionals that will cut down your administrative time and allow you to focus on more important tasks. 

I hear this all the time, people end up spending an hour going through emails that either have a very simple response almost anyone could answer (who's familiar with their business) or need emails that to be removed from their inbox (either deleted or unsubscribed. Email overwhelm and monotony is a clear sign you have grown your business to a point where you need additional help!

You’re missing High-Value Opportunities For Smaller Details

It can be difficult to focus on new ventures and directions for your business when you're caught up in formatting your latest blog article and setting up the weekly promotion for your Facebook Lives. While these base activities are what grew your business and are important to keep connected to your audience and continue your growth, there are always going to be bigger and better things for you to get involved with. 

Maybe you can partner with another business, maybe you've noticed an opening in your industry you can transition and take over. Whatever your next step may be, you don't want to lose the activities that brought you to it in order to spend time on the bigger opportunity. This leaves a very specific area a VA can help you gain more control over your business and lead it to greater heights.

You Want To Spend More Time With Friends + Family

Routine, time-consuming tasks can literally add up to hours of your day, hours you can use doing highly targetted activities to grow your business. The more you can spend your time on those big-ticket items, and less worrying about the smaller details, you can spend spare time enjoying your life outside of work. 

If you know you don't have a list of to-dos, you can put stress aside and focus on baking cookies with your kids, having a special date night with your spouse, or just catching up on the latest Netflix show. There's nothing wrong with self-care, with enjoying life outside of work - but you need to be available to do it!

You’re Looking To Grow Your Business

A key to scaling your business is having processes and organization in order. A virtual assistant helps you get these processes in place so that growing your business will be easier and flow, rather than feel like a climb.

A VA can help you find the areas where things could be working better, show you new products to help you streamline your current work, and allow you more time with your family and on bigger opportunities.

You may have noticed that the response to almost every issue you run across to grow your business is getting assistance with a VA. When you first start your business you can manage all the day-to-day tasks on your own, but in order to see the growth you really want, you need to pass off some of these tasks to someone else.

If you answered yes to the questions above than a virtual assistant is the perfect solution for you! Along with building a custom site for you on Wavoto, we can connect you to a VA specialized in Wavoto, customized and catered to your needs for an affordable price. 

If you’d like a custom site built for you, contact For more information about Wavoto specific VAs or a general VA please contact or Melissa McCafferty at (541) 220-8959.

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