Funnel Or Website: Which One Do You Need?

Everyone searches the internet for information in today’s day and age, but does your business really need a funnel and website for your business to grow?

What Exactly Does A Website And Funnel Do For Your Business?

A funnel and website provide different things for your business and your potential connections, but what benefit (and potential downside) do each have?


A funnel, whether its a sales funnel, marketing funnel, or a general opt-in, guides your connections to act.

This action may be to make a purchase, sign up for a free consultation call, register for a webinar, sign-up to your newsletter, subscribe to your blog - the possibilities are nearly endless.

Every funnel has an automated system to make a connection, provide engagement, and follow-up.

What a funnel doesn’t provide is additional information. Your funnel has one purpose, so sharing another product, service, or event is a distraction for people entering your funnel. But what about if they want or need more information? This is where a website shines.


A website provides a place to answer questions. These questions can range anywhere from what your business does to a blog to an FAQ page.

While a funnel has one singular purpose, your website provides a general resource to anyone looking to find out more about your business. Since it’s more generalized, it can’t provide the focused intention that a funnel alone can.

Should You Have A Funnel Or A Website?

As you might be sensing, where one is weak, the other is strong. A funnel and website aren’t in opposition of one another, they actually complement each other.

Instead of thinking of them as either/or, you should utilize both a funnel and a website together.

While you can guide people to a singular action with your funnel, you can answer their questions with a website. While a website can garner interest in your business through events, blog articles, or Google searches, a funnel can provide a path to building your relationship with website visitors in a targeted way.

Your business will thrive when you use a website and funnel together, here’s why:

Work Together To Build Your List

Your website is your number one marketing asset and here’s why, 30% of consumers won’t even consider a business without a website, it’s an expectation you have one. Since people are searching for more information about your business, give them information on a website and then a place to connect to you with a simple opt-in funnel.

On your website, you can (and should) have calls-to-action that invite website visitors to enter your funnel. This allows you to provide that basic information, while also getting visitors to connect on a more focused path in your funnel.

Every page of your website, every blog article, every pop-up allows you the opportunity to get general website visitors an opportunity to be targeted through your sales funnels, opt-ins, or marketing funnels.

Let People Find You AND Act

You know people are visiting your website to get questions answered, but are you allowing them to then get instant gratification from your answer?

On a website, you share who you are, what you do/offer, how to contact you, and probably a few more questions. While people search for those answers, you have the opportunity to build trust and connections with the use of your targeted funnels. 

Someone comes to your site to learn more about your service? You immediately offer them a pop-up where they can get a free consultation call with you, having them enter your consultation call funnel!

Someone comes to learn more about you and you ask if they want to subscribe to your newsletter to learn more from you every week.

Someone searches for your business’ phone number on your site, allow them to immediately call or text your business (because so many people hate make phone calls) and enter the first step of a text-based funnel.

Every answer you provide on your website opens the door for a way to connect with your visitors through an optimized, segmented way a funnel provides.

Focus On Conversions

While some people say websites are not conversion-focused, I say those people are just building bad websites. 

A website is intrinsically conversion-focused when paired with your funnels! You already know a website provides multiple opportunities per page for calls to actions and every question your website answers allows for further connections through funnels.

The only reason website isn’t conversion-focused is because they either aren’t asking for anything from their website visitors or they are asking too much!

Audiences across the internet are basically screaming in frustration about how difficult it is to connect to their favorite brands online, but that’s because those brands aren’t including targeted calls-to-actions that are the first step of their funnels.

You have the power to end audience frustration.

Guide Your Visitors AND Leads

It all comes down to your customer journey, which is the culmination of your website and funnel working together.

While your website can’t provide the singular focus a funnel does, providing that step-by-step progression - it owes provide that first step!

That first step is guiding people into your funnel and what they want to see.

Let’s look at a realtor, for example. People turn to realtors when they are considering moving, whether into a new house or out of an old house (or both!). They may search for terms like “realtors near me” and find your website (but not your funnel).

Your website can provide information about houses in the area and have a pop-up about downloading an eBook explaining the secrets to buying a house without a hiccup. 

This pop-up is the first steps of your funnel, your website visitors opt-in to downloading it and connecting and you, the realtor, get to start an automated email sequence about connecting for a quick call about their needs.

All you need to do is think about the journey your potential customers are on to become customers. With a realtor, its going from the overwhelming process of buying/selling to working with an expert (you!).

Your website has a general end goal in mind, provide the answers they are looking for. Your funnels cleverly presented as calls-to-actions across your website, allow you to create action to gain more customers/clients.

Your website is the storefront, your funnel is the salesperson.

Easily Design + Manage In One Place

Often you’ll see platforms at odds, saying they provide only funnels or only website, but you know you need both - so why should you have to choose for your business which one to go with?

The answer is: you shouldn’t.

You need one place to build, manage, and share your website and funnel and, sadly, there are few platforms that provide that. But this is something we actively worked to change at Wavoto.

We didn’t want anyone to have to choose between one expensive funnel platform or an easy to use website builder - so we made both!

Start with a free, fully customizable website template that will easily apply your business’ brand and easily link to your funnels - no matter if they are a sales, marketing, or general opt-in funnel.

No need for a developer or a designer (although, they’re welcome as well!) to build the sales machine you’ve always wanted online. You have all the tools ready to go at your fingertips on Wavoto for an unbeatable price!

Get started on Wavoto for free and see how easy it is to go from 0-60 online! With our free 14-Step Jumpstart program, you’ll receive a step by step guide to make the most of your time, have a community of support, and gain access to open Q&A calls to get specific questions about your website answered on the spot!

The only thing between you and a sales machine is the click of a button, so go ahead, click it ;)

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