5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

With literally thousands of entrepreneur apps available, there are 5 that any entrepreneur can benefit from. 

I’ve been working exclusively with entrepreneurs for 6 years and am an entrepreneur myself, I know a business isn’t always run from your computer, with all your resources directly at hand. This makes your phone an extension of your business while you’re away.

If you’re anything like me, managing things away from your normal set-up is a little bit of a nightmare. I like my routines, organization and set schedule. But that’s not the life of an entrepreneur, right?

Here are the top 5 entrepreneur apps that have helped me, or my fellow entrepreneurs at Wavoto, manage our businesses while the laptop's back at home.


My absolute favorite tool on my laptop or on-the-go for business is Asana. Asana is a work management platform, helping you to organize projects. Whether you have a team to help you manage your work or doing it solo, Asana helps tasks not fall through the cracks.

The mobile app is just as robust as the desktop version, letting you navigate through Projects and Tasks or add Tasks on-the-go (my favorite).

Get started on Asana for free for here, download it for IOS or Android.


It baffles me that so many people still recommend Skype when I don’t know anyone who has used Skype since 2016.

For almost 3 years now, Zoom has been my go-to video (and audio) communication tool for one-on-one calls to group calls. 

Zoom prides itself on its consistent video and audio connection, which I have had work efficiently from my phone in a remote village in Nova Scotia, so I know it’s up for any challenge.

Zoom is a fantastic app on your phone, it will:
  • Send you notifications when you have meetings scheduled
  • Manage well for meetings on the go, allowing for easy hands-free experience and distraction-free driving controls 
  • Schedule new meetings within the app and easily add to your calendar
Download Zoom to your phone here for IOS or Android.


Have you ever been on to go and read an article you want to come back to, but lose the link?

How about getting an email that you don’t want to forget to follow-up on, but it slips through the cracks?

Or inspiration strikes and you don’t want to forget your next big ideas, yet an hour later you’ve forgotten it completely?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you need Evernote on your phone! Evernote allows you to organize your ideas, content, communication - whatever tends to fall through the cracks.

If you’re out and about and come across a great article, video, or idea you can email it to yourself (using the @evernote email you receive upon sign-up and using @notebookname in the subject line). Or you can open the app and place it into the appropriate notebook.

You can then access your notebook from your phone to review later or on your desktop when you're back to work!

Instead of trying to find all the links and emails across your phone and desktop, you have one place to drop ideas and access ideas.


With the rise of apps like Voxer, Marco Polo, and the need for video conferencing apps like Zoom, incorporating video into your customer acquisition emails only makes sense. 

This is exactly why I like BomBomb.

Imagine this: You have a new order on your website, you’re so excited to get the notification on your email - what if you could say thanks to that new customer right then and there and give them another way to connect with you? How cool would that be and how special would that make your new customer feel.

Enter BombBomb.

Whether it’s someone's birthday or Facebook, a new lead, a new sale, or a new opt-in - use BombBomb to record a short, personalized video and send it out. 

Our own Tanya Zucco swears by this app, noting that is completely changed her email engagement and increased her sales with very little effort on her part.

YouTube Studio

Recently, one of our Wavoto team ran a test to see how difficult it is to build a YouTube following using a niche topic and simple tools. He recorded everything on this phone, edited it all in YouTube Studio and managed it all from his iPhone. 

After discovering some additional tips to building his following, his channel took off! If anything has held you back from starting a YouTube channel, with YouTube Studio, you can create a channel thousands will be interested in - all from your phone. (Access for IOS or Android.)

Keep growing your business online by having a digital office at Wavoto. Not only can you host and create a fully customized website in just a few hours, but you can also manage contacts, automate email communication, attract and engage new leads with a blog, and so much more. Get started for free with Wavoto today!

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