How To Make An Image Clickable On Your Website

Do you ever wonder how when you click on an image you can be taken to a new website or webpage? Wonder no more! It's as simple as a few clicks.

How To Make An Image Clickable?

It's as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Have your image
  2. Copy your landing page URL
  3. Save your work
As you can probably tell, there are some minor steps in-between, but when it comes down to it, it's really this simple! I'll specifically be walking through how we do this at Wavoto.

3 Steps To Make An Image Clickable

Step 1: Have your image prepared

This step is fairly easy, have your image ready! Make sure it is the right dimensions and size for wherever you need to place it (on your website or in a blog article). You may also want to make sure it's not too large of a file size, I like to use Tiny PNG to reduce the file size. Doing this helps your page load faster, making it easier for your visitor to see your image and content and interact with it!

Once your image is ready, place it on the page or in a blog article on your website and move to step 2!

Step 2: Copy your landing page URL

Once your image is on the page, make sure you have the URL ready for where you want to send people to if they click on the image. I refer to this as a "landing page" because that's where you want your visitors to "land" when they click on the image. It doesn't have to be a campaign or a call to action, it could link to a product on another website, it could link to another blog article - as long as there is a URL, you can use the link!

Have your URL copied? Fantastic! Now you just need to click on the image on your page and select the "link" icon and paste your URL. If you're on a Mac, you can use 'Command K' keyboard shortcut as well! You'll have the option to open the link in a new tab or not, 9/10 you'll want to open the link in a new tab, so make sure you click that box!

To make your image clickable on your website, click the "insert link" button that pops-up when you select the image.Once you click the "Insert Link" button, paste your landing page link into the URL section and you're all set with your clickable image!

Now you can click the image below and be taken, in a new tab, to that article!

Now that you know how to make an image clickable, find out where to find high-resolution images for your website (for free).

Step 3: Save Your work

This step isn't really a big one, all you need to do is select "Insert" and you're good to go! Wavoto automatically saves your work when you work in the Page Editor so you lose your hard work.

You may see some people playing with code to make their images clickable, but you don't need to with Wavoto! Save yourself another thing to learn and get started with Wavoto, find out how easy it is to get online in just 14-days with our free 14-Day Jumpstart! Sign-up for free today!

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