Summer Social Media Ideas To Get Engagement Sizzling

The worst part about online marketing (to me) is coming up with new social media ideas. 

I absolutely love writing incredibly long blog posts, organizing campaigns, and doing Facebook Lives, but give me a social media calendar to create and my brain goes blank! But as Wavoto's social media manager, a blank brain just won't do it!

This summer, snag your copy of our social media ideas to have content you can post every single day or schedule out a month in advance! A lot of the ideas below can be used for any month (they just may need to be slightly tweaked).

How To Use The Social Media Calendar

We've put together social post ideas for the entire month of July and August so you can schedule out your social posts and take some time on the beach (or have more time for your business). You can use our social post ideas for every single day of July and August or pick and choose what you like when you like!

Here at Wavoto, we don't like to post on social media every day so we don't spam our followers with too much content (we understand people would prefer to see their friends baby pictures and funny posts than more and more info on website building and business inspiration). To make posting easier we stick to some common themes when we post, such as sharing our blog articles every Wednesday, showcasing one of our users on Saturdays, motivating or sharing a tip on Mondays, and we occasionally throw in a few different posts promoting campaigns or sharing something we thought our followers would love.

If you're just starting to post on social media, you can use these social post ideas to see what resonates most with your followers and see what days your followers are most active on social media.

Summer Social Media Calendar

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