Pop-Ups And Emails And Shared Pages - Oh My! [Platform Updates]

The past three months we had one major change (hello Wavoto!) but we want to share some of the smaller updates we've released to make your experience here a better one! Every month, week, and day our development team is working on minor bugs, feature improvements, and altogether new features and tools (it's so hard to keep these last ones secret). We love to take your feedback and create some delights for you!

Here are our favorite updates over the past three months: 

Pop-Up Background Image

We added the ability to add background images to your pop-ups. It's as simple as dragging and dropping a 900 x 500 pixels or larger image into your pop-up setting. Whether you add a graphic, an image, or just a border color to your pop-up, you now have even more customization options!

Email Signature

Use your email signature a lot in your marketing? We've got you covered! No more copy and pasting your email signature from one email to another, now it's a simple click of a button away! All you need to do is add it to your account and then when you're writing your emails, click the signature button in the text editor!

Autoresponder Dates

When you create a new autoresponder email you'll now see the option to send an email based on the day someone signed-up (or was tagged) to receive the autoresponder or on a specific date and time, no matter when they signed up!

You can do a mix of a number of days since the previous step and exact dates, only exact dates, or only number of days from sign-up. 

Editable Carousel Titles

A small and simple change, but huge for our international users who need control over all the text on their website - you can now edit all Carousel module titles! It's as simple as highlighting the words and changing them.

Shareable Page Locks (Enterprise Only)

Lastly, we have one for our Enterprise clients, but it's too cool for me to keep under wraps! You all love our shared library of content, from autoresponders to webpages, but we've gotten feedback that our Enterprise clients want some more control over the things they share so that the content cannot be edited or changed, except by them. We've added a "managed content" piece for our Enterprise clients that not only allows them to lock down their shared pages but also be able to update them and have those updates show on every website.

Are you an Enterprise business looking to manage content across many individual websites? Sounds like the feature for you! Shoot us an email to find out more about how we can help you!

These are just the tip of the iceberg for all the updates and features we delivered over the past few months! If you'd like to see all of them, just hop into your account and take a look at "Feature Releases" in the Back Office. If you're new to Wavoto altogether, get a small website and funnel up and running for free in 14 days - get started today!

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