Introducing Wavoto!

Building a business online just became easier with the introduction of Wavoto, which provides all the tools you need to bring your business to life.

We've been hard at work since 2015 to turn the overwhelming task of growing your entrepreneurial business online, into a reality.

Beginning with 3 Step Solutions, we worked hard to bring all the pieces of your marketing to one place. It was something CEO, Adam Zucco, couldn’t find already in the world wide web, and so he decided to figure out how to build it (with plenty of help).

Years later, the platform was built and helping hundreds of network marketers, but the small start-up team knew something was missing. We hadn’t yet helped entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed to online, we just helped them get online.

We began to make changes. Map new features and make new plans.

No longer was “3 Step Solutions” applicable, we needed a fresh start.

Today we introduce to you, Wavoto. From marketing automation to drag-&-drop website design, Wavoto gives you all the tools you need to bring your business to life, all in one place.

3 Step Solutions is rebranding to Wavoto, an all-in-one marketing platform with an easy to use website builder.

What Is Wavoto?

Wavoto focuses on helping you build your online brand as easily as possible. We want to take you from overwhelmed by all the options and work you have at hand, to online and growing your business. We have three main features to help you do that.

Drag & Drop Builder

Build your website without any technical knowledge with our drag and drop, dynamic page editor. You can structure each page, add content, and do it all visually - your page coming together right before your eyes.

As soon as you create a Wavoto account, you can begin building the website of your dreams with the drag and drop web page builder.

Funnel Builder

Ever want to just have your marketing work for you in your sleep? Funnel Builder allows you to do just that. Craft an automated sales funnel, visualized for your convenience. You can pick one of our professionally-built funnels or carve your own path, allowing you to connect with leads without having to lift a finger

There are many pieces to a successful sales funnel, you don't have to worry about if their working altogether with our Funnel Builder tool.

Shared Library

Not sure where to start with a page or a funnel? No worries! Wavoto’s shared library allows you to choose a template of a page, funnel, newsletter, autoresponder, or form to use on your own site. 

The shared library not only allows you to use our expertly created templates but pull from any that Wavoto users have uploaded (which means you can upload and share your own templates!). These templates can be shared to a select group of people or with all Wavoto's users - your choice!

Sometimes inspiration is lacking and being able to find a helping hand with free marketing funnel, newsletter, and page templates.

Check Out Wavoto

Wavoto is full of the features you need and is easy to use, no technical skills required to grow your business online.

We intentionally chose variations of primary colors and simple sans serif fonts to use across the website and platform, echoing the “back to the basics” appeal of a simple-to-use tool.

Wavoto branding focuses on what matters, the basics in your marketing. The new logo and colors are simple, giving insight into the simplicity building your website online can be.

Wavoto can’t thrive unless you do, sign-up for your free 14-day jumpstart to try out the platform for yourself and start building your business.

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Diane Hughes

Apr 03, 2019 11:10 AM CST

Congrats on Wavoto! Just a quick question! Is 3 Step Solutions now Wavoto or is Wavoto an integration into 3 step solutions with added features and functionality?



Apr 05, 2019 03:11 PM CST

Hi Diane! Thanks so much - we are excited about all the new changes! 3 step solutions is now Wavoto - with our fresh start we needed a new name!

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