How To Whitelist An Email

You've probably heard of "whitelisting" an email address, but never knew what it meant. Don't worry, you aren't alone. Often marketers will start by saying "whitelist this email" but don't give an explanation as to how or what that even means. Frankly, I'm ready to retire the term altogether, but since I don't get to dictate the English language, let's just break down the meaning.

What Does Whitelisting Mean?

The term "whitelisting" means to explicitly allow certain things access. When it comes to your email inbox, it means allowing certain emails to go into your regular inbox instead of SPAM, Gmail Promotions/Social/Updates, or a Junk mail folder.

How To Whitelist An Email

Whitelisting an email is specific to your email provider (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc). so find your provider below and follow these steps:


1. In your inbox, locate an email from (ex. your welcome or download email).
2. Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.
3. You’ll see that our emails will go to your primary folder in the future!

Mac Mail:

1. Select “Mail” 
2. Select “Preferences” from the top menu.

3. In the “Preferences” window, click the “Rules” icon.
4. Click the “Add Rule” button.

5. In the “Rules” window, type a name for your rule in the “Description” field.
6. Use the following settings: “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains.” Type the sender’s email address in the text field beside “Contains.”
7. Select “Move Message” and “Inbox” from the drop-down menus.
8. Click “Ok” to save the rule.

Outlook 2003 & Later:

1. Right-click on the message in your inbox.
2. Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.
3. Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”

Yahoo! Mail:

1. When opening an email message, a “+” symbol should display next to From: and the sender’s name.
2. Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear.
3. Select “Save”

Now you know how to whitelist any email that you want to see landing in your email inbox! You can even include a link to this article in your emails!

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