Website Building Made Easy (It's Possible!)

We pride ourselves on delivering a one of a kind marketing platform and providing entrepreneurs and network marketers the online hub their business needs. Today, we've kicked things up a notch by redesigning how you can build your website pages with a drag n' drop builder.

Our New Web Page Builder

A Look Behind The Scenes

We're not the type of team to brag about our work, but we just have to share the time and effort that went into building this all-new web page editor for you. We're not going to give away all our secrets, but we'll share the tip of the iceberg of creating the drag n' drop web page editor:

Everything You Can Do With The New Web Page Editor

The look, feel, and way you build your website aren't the only things that have changed with the new page editor, let's take a look at all the updates and new features you'll find within.

  • Drag n' drop new page content and structure from the left side, bar editor.
  • Edit the structure of containers with the right side, bar editor. This includes updates like:
    • Visual container layout changer
    • Visual spacing slider (formerly called "padding" and managed by exact pixel amount)
    • Ability to lock upper and lower spacing amount to be even or unlock to have varying amounts of space above and below your content
    • Column amount alterations, including column width, to allow easier layout changes
    • Container background updates like image upload and branded color picker
  • Easily move from page to page, whether those pages are included in the navigation or not.
  • Page Info accessible while editing the page visually, instead of just in the Back Office. Things like page SEO, member access, general page information, and advanced settings.
  • Ability to view how your website appears on a mobile device, tablet, or various desktop sizes.
  • Change page visibility from "inactive" to "active" - changing it from only visible to you, to others being able to see.

W'e're so excited to share our new drag n' drop web page editor with you and can't wait for you to take a look - log in to see it in your account by clicking here!

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