Why You Need a Branded Email for Business

A branded email for your business shouldn't be an "if" but an "of course!" but it's understandable if you don't have one yet. One of the toughest things about a growing network marketing business is deciding what is worth spending money on and what isn't. A conference to learn new skills on sharing your product and building your team? Basically, a no-brainer with its a one-time fee. A monthly fee for a branded email for business? Doesn't seem so cut and dry when you could just use a free one through Gmail.

But actually, it is cut and dry - you need one.

When given the choice between a business that reaches out to you at or which draws you in more? (Bytheway, neither of those are real email addresses) It's probably safe to assume you would choose the later. They are showing you they have a product and a system they believe in and are profiting from while the first shows you they are still new and maybe not an expert.

Basically, a branded email for your business will help you stand out from others within network marketing.

In the brand puzzle, it is a piece that will either complete the various pieces of your brand or build your puzzle out a little further depending on where you are at on your business journey.

Still not sold that you need a branded business email? I can't blame you for wanting to do solid research on what you'll be spending money on, so I have 5 points to show you need an email specific to your business brand.

1. A Business Email Builds Credibility & Trust

How many times have you received an email that you absolutely knew was a scam and immediately deleted it? What triggers you to know that it's a scam is the email address. it will look like a friends or business email address but be slightly different. How can your @gmail or @yahoo email stand out from that? Unfortunately, it can't, you need a branded business email that can show your contacts that you are a real business and following SPAM-CAN laws (the US law that makes it illegal to send out emails to people who haven't opted-in to receive email and have the option to opt-out).

A branded email shows the world your business is legitimate and every time you send an email you're promoting your business, not Gmail or Yahoo.

2. Branded Emails Are Inexpensive

A lot of things associated with your business cost quite a bit, but email doesn't need to be one of them! Whether you buy your email through your domain provider or from Microsoft or Google directly, the price should be around $5-$10 a month.

So it's simple, is the price of a cup of coffee worth more to you than your business?

A branded business email won't cost a lot of money, but will bring a lot of value to your network marketing business.

3.  Compartmentalization Your Work

It's so easy to let your business be a full-time, all-day affair - so let email separate your work and your personal life. The two will intersect, of course, but when you send all your work to your business email, you know you need to act on them versus potentially losing them in your day-to-day email inbox.

The best way to manage email on the go, especially when it comes to business, is to create a separate branded email and have that email inbox available on your phone. Whether you can get to it on the go or not, you know where to find it and that it won't just get missed in the mix of your entire life.

4. Create Email Aliases

One of the coolest things about a branded business email is the ability to set-up email aliases that all send to one inbox. You can have, but you can also have or It's easier to share those emails with people or be able to departmentalize various pieces of your business within one inbox. These aliases are free with your original email and all send to one inbox (or multiple inboxes if you have multiple people working in your business).

5. Improve Email Results

Last but definitely not least, having a business email instead of a @gmail or @yahoo majorly increases your email deliverability! Actually, the only way we allow you to have the "from" and "reply-to" email in your 3SS account is if it's a branded business email (otherwise, any newsletter or autoresponder reply goes to "" which no one reads).

The reason why your deliverability improves so drastically is Google, Yahoo, and the likes don't want their users to receive spam and as we wrote about in #1, spam often comes from email accounts that sound and look familiar but aren't. A branded business email makes your business familiar to email receivers and email hosts (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Ready to get a branded email for your business? Still have reservations? Let me know in the comments below!

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