Top Network Marketing Website Features You Need

Often network marketers can think they are the exception to the rules of business because they started in a different space instead of, say, a cubicle. But some of the top businesses today started out in a garage (hello Google) or a college dorm (like everyone's favorite social network). While you may not reach the scale that those businesses do, by following some of the direction they paved the road on, your network marketing business can have a smooth ride.

Specifically, what network marketing website features will help you stand out from just another person on Facebook trying to get their friends interested in a product? What are some regular businesses practices, pulled over into the network marketing realm (and maybe zhuzhed up a bit) that will make your business, let alone your website pop?

I'm breaking down the top network marketing website features that you need to establish your professional brand and give your business the boost into the next level.

1. Website

It may seem odd that I'm bringing up the topic of this article in the first point, but not that many network marketers even have websites. It's such an uncommon practice that I can't even find any statistics on whatsoever (which is crazy!). That also means by having a website, you will be standing out from a crowded market.

Imagine going to find information on a new business that opened up in your town and you can't find anything online about. You want to know what they sell or if any of your friends have been to it, but all you can find is a Facebook Page that doesn't even have its hours. Are you going to go by that business? You have kids and a busy schedule, you don't have time to just drop by, so you decide to go to a business you already know instead.

This hypothetical new business in your town is you without a website. Yeah sure you have a Facebook profile (maybe even a page), but are people finding the information they need and are looking for? How many people have just moved onto something else because they couldn't find what you were all about?

By creating a website, even one with just a few pages, you present that store-front, that about page, that place to find all about that product people have been seeing everywhere but don't know anything about yet. What's even better, is through website analytic tools, you can see how many people are coming to your website so you don't have to guess at what works and what doesn't!

2. About Page

Speaking of being able to find information, you need an about page where visitors can find your information! An about page shares your journey into this business and why it keeps you working. It helps you stand out from the next network marketer and allows you to connect to visitors in an intimate way.

You can share how your specific brand was created, how the product has impacted your life or how network marketing has given you a freedom you were looking for. It gives you a platform to share your passion!

3. Opt-ins/Forms

You could have one page for your website and it could be 100% effective if you have a way to collect website visitors information when they are interested. This could be a form that lives on a page or a pop-up - it doesn't matter if it gives your website visitors a way to say they want to find out more from you (and then gives you the opportunity to respond via email or phone).

4. Organize It All

The most difficult feature to fulfill is being able to organize the previous three all in one place. You may have a website, but then need an add-on for your forms. You may have a solution for forms, but it doesn't allow you to have an about me page. 3 Step Solutions provides all of this in one place ( and then some)! Don't let the potential enormity of a new website hold you back from pursuing your dream job! Find the platform that can allow you to shine, along with your business goals.

The four features will not only organize your network marketing business but give it a foundation to grow into a whole new level for you! With these completely simple aspects, your network marketing website is set to succeed. Get started today!

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