The 5 Keys to a
Successful Sales Plan

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Gain Attention

As a brand or business, getting noticed means putting your strategies to use by means of practical, accessible and impactful mediums, such as social media platforms, campaign landing pages, or professional and customized websites. It's through smartphones, laptops, and mobile devices that you'll be able to better connect with potential customers while also sustaining relationships with existing ones.

By leveraging avenues like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, your brand will be creating a direct connection with people locally, nationally and globally that don't need access to a brick-and-mortar location to do business with you. This isn't about building viral content; it's about establishing a baseline for strong, consistent communication.


Tell "Your" Story

There's more to building and sustaining an audience than just putting out content; and it begins with customer relationship management (CRM). Brands need to create compelling and engaging stories, videos, pictures, and sales materials that drive people to want to know more about you, more about what you do, and more about how they can be a part of that movement.

This is your opportunity to let customers get to know who you are behind the scenes and why it is you care so much about what you do. It's where you'll begin to plant that first seed of desire, trust and excitement and nurture it with each passing day. Anyone can tell a generic story, but telling the right story turns a potential customer into a someone who remembers your name.


Building Trust

How do you turn a potential customer into a brand advocate that sings your praises? By building trust. This is your chance to create an authentic 2-way relationship that balances the needs of your customers with that of your brand. Give your content a personalized touch, share real testimonials through newsletters, and respond to what they want you to hear.

By combining these essential elements into your sales plan, you'll begin to build trust, confidence, and long-lasting support that sustains you through sales plans, ups and downs, and market changes. Fail to build trust with your target audience and the fall will be swift; succeed and you'll expand your reach further than you ever thought possible.


Ask for the Sale

Once you've established your brand/consumer relationships, told your story, and built sustainable trust, it's time to push forward with your brand goals. Through your newsletters, membership-only access pages, or personalized content, you can drive them to your e-commerce store to begin making sales.

Your marketing, advertising and sales strategies can be tailored to match the responsiveness of your target audience as well as the effectiveness of your efforts. This will further allow you to hone your business intelligence and future plans in order to maintain the trust and reliability you've established.


Follow Up

How mad would you be if someone started up a conversation with you and then just walked away mid-sentence? Annoying, right? The same concept applies to this process. Once you've created a baseline for communication and told consumers what you need, follow up with them through autoresponders or personal emails to continue to build that long-term relationship.

This additional effort helps your target audience see you more than just someone "trying to make a sale" but as someone who cares about them as an individual. By simply following up with short messages, even automatic ones, you'll better retain the relationships you've established to create more sustainable leads.

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Professional, Custom Website

Establish yourself as an industry leader or go-to brand by having a user-friendly, eye-catching and engaging website created to suit your specific needs. We have the tools and experience to create a wide range of bespoke websites customized for network marketers, e-Shops, blogs, small businesses, and more.

Content Management (CRM)

Building a strong, thriving business is about sustaining warm leads and customer relationships throughout their entire lifecycle. We can establish a streamlined CRM process that allows you to better connect with customers, drive them to take action, and then retain them throughout each step.


Along with newsletters and high-value CRM, autoresponders are a fast, effective way to continually connect and engage customers through the life of a campaign. Our autoresponders are built to continually remind and persuade people to take action without overburdening their sense of requirement.

Campaign Landing Pages

Looking to turn a business, marketing or advertising plan into an actionable process? We’ll help you build campaign landing pages that specifically target a desire, need, or curiosity so you can push them through your sales funnel with consistent (and measurable) results.


Keeping customers and investors engaged requires constant communication with information that’s valuable, timely, and suited to their specific needs. Newsletters are the perfect way to give them quick, truncated snapshots of what’s currently going on with your brand and how they can support it.

Members-Only Pages

The information and services you have to offer is what sets you apart from other brands; place that information behind a membership-only access page to ensure warmer traffic leads, instill exclusivity in current members, or to share information on upcoming sales, events, or organizational news.


Ready to do more than just talk about what you have to offer and start giving people a platform to buy your products or services? We’ll help you develop an easy-to-use webstore that’s built around highlighting your offering in a manner that suits a potential customer. Let us help you become a self-sustaining entrepreneur!

Education & Support

Our support system starts with a proactive, step by step program to get you up and running. We also have a powerful knowledge base that shows relevant videos and guides. We take great pride in our support and we're there when you need us through our easy ticketing system. Take comfort in knowing that we’re here every step of the way!

3 Step Solutions comes packed with the features you'll need to build your business online. If you're looking for some specific answers, join our private Facebook group, 3SSU, to ask our 3SS community and team!