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When Should You Buy A Domain?

When you've first got that spark for a business idea and you can visualize yourself a year later - a huge email list, an Instagram account with hundreds of likes per post, and a lively website where you're managing sales or new clients. But where in that process do you decide on a domain, a URL, for your website where people can find you? There are many step...

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How To Find Out Which Social Post Is Your Best!

I talk to business owners every day who are promoting their business, but can't tell me what's working or not online - does this sound familiar? This doesn't need to be your case! Know which social media post is helping you the most online using this simple trick that professional marketers have been keeping under wraps for years! It's not about which soci...

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7 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do Every Month

You can get caught up in the minutia of the day to day or in the latest campaign launch and suddenly 4 months have passed and you can't answer small questions about your business growth, easily access links to your latest campaigns and definitively say what's working or what your most read blog article has been. I discovered this time flying phenomenon in my...

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