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The Best Tools for Video Conferencing

There was a time in the not so distant past when business meetings only happened face to face, in person - crazy, I know. As technology advanced, so did a global workforce, a remote workforce and digital marketing, meaning long-distance meetings and collaborations needed a new take on the face-to-face business meeting.  Fast forward to today and anyone with ...

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Write A Better About Page

About Pages often are a waste of space, the biggest problem is they aren't about the customer.  Your goal is to write an engaging About Page that creates a connection with the reader and begins the relationship building process. Done correctly, your About Page is the first step towards brand loyalty. It showcases you as the expert who can take care of your c...

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Getting Started With Newsletters: How, When, Why, and What

A well-crafted newsletter can serve many purposes to benefit your business. Similar to your blog ( you do have a blog, right? ) a newsletter is a great way to build relationships with your customers. They can be used to provide helpful information, keep connections fresh, and maintain loyalty. However, as your blog should be used to take a soft approach to p...

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Introducing Wavoto!

Building a business online just became easier with the introduction of Wavoto, which provides all the tools you need to bring your business to life. We've been hard at work since 2015 to turn the overwhelming task of growing your entrepreneurial business online, into a reality. Beginning with 3 Step Solutions, we worked hard to bring all the pieces of your m...

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