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Your New Year’s Business Resolutions: Seasonal Codeword for "Goals Not Followed Through With"

8. Be more organized 7. Save for Retirement 6. Get more customers 5. Less wasted screen time 4. Make more money 3. Spend more time with the family 2. Increase profits 1. Lower costs - Blah - Blah - Blah. New Year’s resolutions come and go as soon as the ball drops at 11:59. How many times have you been determined to whatever on January 1st and by January 2...

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The Killer Instagram Strategy That Will Double Your Followers

Everyday, someone is giving you advice on how to do something better. Sometimes it’s valid and useful, and other times people just want to feel important or superior. If you’re reading this because you understand the importance of Instagram and the value it can add to your brand, awesome! If you’re still on the fence about the value of Instagram, check out t...

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7 Steps to a Simple Business Strategy to Start the Year Off Right

Whether you're an entrepreneur preparing to start a new business or auditing your existing situation, the thought of writing a business plan can be intimidating. In your head are thousands of thoughts of how you envision your company -- you think about the sales, marketing, costs, start-up, branding, budget, and on and on. Your business is on your mind major...

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When Is It Time To Take Your Side Hustle Full Time?

It seems these days almost everybody I know is working some kind of side hustle on top of their full time gig. Some people are paying down school debt by driving for Lyft or Uber. Others are delivering groceries and walking dogs for fun money while many are side hustling just to get by. Fortunately, there’s a lot of folks out there following their passions w...

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