Release Notes: Week of 2/19/2017

Forms: Configure question options to set tags based on answers. Forms: When radio buttons or checkbox list are selected, show 1 option per row. Header: Added 2 new Header layout options. New module: "Blogs By Category" allows you to display blogs by the selected category.

Release Notes: Week of 2/12/2017

"Containers" are live! Containers allow you to create mobile-friendly columns on any page. Each column can have modules added to them. Blog: Allow blog comment replies and show them nested under each other. Bug: Fixed "List" rename feature. Subscription: Added comments field to admin page for keeps notes on customer subscriptions.

Release Notes: Week of 2/5/2017

New module: "Contacts by Tag" allows you to show contact by the selected tag(s). Web Store: Stripe merchant gateway API implemented. Web Store: When special pricing exists for a product, show normal price with strikethrough. Forms: Added "Navigate to" field. After a successful form submission, this option allows you to set the next page to go to. Support...

Release Notes: Week of 1/29/2017

Web Store: Added functionality for foreign currencies. Web Store: Added functionality for real-time exchange rates. Banners: Fixed issue related to text color. Banners: Removed position since the editor makes it easier to do. General: Automatically include the website's RSS Feed URL in page head.